It is clear that one of the most important skills a student has to develop is inquiry. It has always been there since humanity started and it is the reason that so many discoveries have been made and so many novelties have been invented throughout history. Unfortunately, there are two drawbacks to this issue. One of them, that human’s interest in discovering new things and understanding phenomena has led to innumerable misuses. Another one, that due to many factors, a desire for inquiry has been reserved to a few and it is assumed that inquirers are only the most apt or interested in science. Well, the IB seeks to take profit of such ability and make it: 1. accessible to everyone, and 2. principled for the good of all human kind. Specifically, this approach of the International Baccalaureate is materialized in the statement of inquiry.


The statement of inquiry is a powerful learning and teaching tool both for students and teachers. It is in the statement of inquiry that all of the valuable elements of IB are conjugated. To begin with, the attributes of the IB such as inquirers, knowledgeable, open minded, caring and others are put into practice. This is done taking into account one of the global contexts such as Identities and relationships, Personal and cultural expression, Orientation in space and time, Scientific and technical innovation, Globalization and sustainability and Fairness and development. Also, we choose one or two of the key concepts, such as Aesthetics, Creativity, Identity and many others along with the related concepts, those that belong to Language and literature, such as Audience imperatives, Genres, Purpose and others. Once teachers have thought of what concepts and context to use in each unit, they create a statement that will enable students to learn about their real life which is reflected in the contents they read or view and how they could intervene to make a better world for all of humanity. The IB principles seek precisely that our students become conscious of their social and physical environment and propose solutions to improve people’s lives.

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