American Renaissance Test Preparation

As you remember, we read and discusses the article on the book. These are the questions, and attached you will find the article.

THIS IS THE PDF: American Renaissance

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the fact that there was an American Shakespeare? PAGE 207


  1. Why was there a good relationship between Hawthorne and Melville?


  1. Is it better to say that there was an American renaissance or a coming of age?


  1. What evidence is there of the lyceums, the abolitionists and women’s rights struggle in today’s USA?


  1. Which of Plato’s ideas were clearly seen in transcendentalism?


  1. Where did Emerson get ideas to construct his idea of transcendentalism?


  1. How could Emerson’s transcendentalism go against the church?


  1. What could be the plot of a story written by a dark romantic?


  1. If you had been born in the 1840’s, what would your life differ from what it is now?


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