Hi girls these are some guidelines for your presentations next week.



  1. You need to elaborate a presentation, you can choose one of these tools and create an amazing project.



Canva :






or PPT (PowerPoint presentation)


  1. Include in your presentation:


  1. The invention (picture or drawing)
  2. A description of it
  3. The use of your invention
  4. Characteristics (design, price, etc.)
  5. Advantages of your invention
  6. The people you created it for
  7. A personal conclusion about your project.
  8. Bibliography.


  1. Don’t forget that your project is original, is your creation, and you are not allowed to copy and paste, even a picture, write the credits please, as well as, the references. (Probity Policy).


  1. Should you have any questions, please let me know during school hours.

Have a great day!




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