Hi dear grade 8,


For the summative assessment of unit 5, you need to look up information, and take it either in your computer or printed, about dictatorships and totalitarian governments and over all the political and social consequences they brought to people. World War II dictatorships as well as others are to be considered. Also, you need to know what has happened in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s regime and its consequences.

You will write a statement for the United Nations of at least 500 words where you will tell the world about the consequences of totalitarian governments and in nations along history. This is to be written in class, by hand in paper I will provide.

The essay is not intended to provide a solution; you will just expose the evidence so that Venezuela’s politicians get to an agreement and find a peaceful solution. You can use any of the structures for the essays that we learned so far and must include at least, an introduction, two or three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

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