You  will be scientists and thinkers sending back in time a video (1977) only composed of photographs and audio to warn people about the future and its political, economic, and social conflicts.

You must:
1. Download images that depict contemporary issues that affect commonality, diversity, and interconnection.
2. Edit images and create a video  (max. 3 minutes).
3. Write a voice-over narration that should include the following:
-Connection to SOI (Statement of Inquiry)
-Scientist or thinker perspective
-Warnings of the terrible events we currently live
-You can add music if you want.
-The video must have a title and end credits.
-The video must have a logical sequence.
-fictional example:
4. You must also:
-Write a two paragraph rationale explaining language, analysis, and organization choices.
-APA reference to all photographs (See page 20 of the PDF) HONESTY POLICY
5. The video must be uploaded to be assessed.
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