Murder mystery game

Here’s the game you will play in order to solve the mystery. Remember to take notes while you are doing your investigation.

You will write a report of every step you make while you find clues. Write your speculations using the modals we studied in class and explain how everything you speculate about is supported on the evidence. Find the MODALS here: speculations and conclusions

When you solve the case, write your initial speculations and your final conclusions.

Here is the game:


Here’s an example of a report



When I was given the case, the chief told me a body had been found in the river. Apparently, the driver was drunk. This time there were no witnesses or suspects, so I had to go directly to the morgue. When I got there, the coroner told me I could see the body, the victim’s personal effects and the lab reports on the fluid samples taken from the body.


The body had in incision in the chest that the doctors used to extract fluid from the body. The whole body smelled like moldy water and alcohol. The mouth smelled of brandy. The knuckles of his right hand were scraped. Among the objects the victim had, I found: the driver’s license whose picture showed the victim wearing glasses; his name was Lance Monroe; a watch that had stopped at 11:05, and a key. Here I made my first speculations. Lance must have been drinking in some bar nearby. He might have lost his glasses because they were not found among his things; he might have had an argument with someone in the bar and in the fight he must have broken his glasses; that explains his scraped knuckles. He might have crashed at 11:05 pm.


Then, I decided to see the crime scene. I checked the entire car and found a couple of papers. One of them was a receipt from an optician’s shop, which tells the serial number of the glasses Lance had ordered. The other one was a love note addressed to Lance from his lover, a married woman. At the bottom of the note was the woman’s sister’s address in case he wanted to see her before and where she was staying while her husband was away. There, my initial speculations were discarded. There was a clear mobile for the murder. It must not have been an accident. Evidently, Lance must have gone to see his lover and her husband must have found them. They might have had a fight and the husband may have knocked down Lance. In his anger, he might have put Lance in his car and pushed it into the river after having smeared alcohol on him to make people believe he was drunk.


I decided to go to the address in the note. There I talked to a blonde woman. Her name is Barbra. When I told her that Lance was dead, she started crying and told me that he had been missing these days. She confessed that they were lovers and that they had had an affair for 6 months. The last time she saw him was three days before when she had left a note on his pillow. In the note she told him to encounter her in her house. It seems he had been there because the lights were on when she arrived hours later. She also told me that Lance was not a good driver and required glasses because of a serious eye condition. She said that Lance was not a drinker and may possibly have had an allergy to alcohol. Others speculations i had were: Lance couldn’t have been drinking and much less driving since he had a serious sight problem. At first, I thought the woman could have been involved in the murder, but this discarded her as a suspect. This left her husband, Frank Shefer, as the only suspect so far.


I went to search her house with her permission. Her husband was away in a business trip. I found Lance’s glasses under the couch; I knew they were his glasses because of the serial number whose receipt I had found in Lance’s car. I went to the phone and heard a message in the answering machine. Frank’s trip had been canceled. I kept searching and found very important evidence. The first was a yellow paper from a Private Eye with a confirmation to trail Frank’s wife, Barbra. The second was empty bottle of brandy. And the third one was a funnel and hose that was covered in Brandy and vomit.


I went back to the morgue. I read the report on the fluids that were in Lance’s body. Lance had an extremely large amount of brandy in his stomach, but there was 0% alcohol absorbed into his blood.


I thought I had solved the case. As Lance didn’t know Frank’s trip had been canceled, he went to the Shefers’ house. He must have thought only Barbra was there, but to his surprise, he must have encountered Frank. As Frank had assigned a private detective to follow his wife, he must have known about their affair. He must have forced Lance to drink great amounts of brandy with the funnel and the hose to make people believe he was drunk and the reason why he had gone into the river.




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