Questions about the Victorian Era.


  1. What two kinds of growth did Britain undergo during the Victorian era?
  2. Which two classes of people gained new political power through the social and political changes of Victorian times?
  3. Why might Macaulay’s standards of progress be considered materialistic? What other kinds of progress could there be?
  4. Which of the economic and social problems of early Victorian society was NOT a direct result of industrialization?
  5. What are two reasons for decrease in the cost of living in Victorian England.
  6. What piece of legislation eliminated the requirement that only those who owned property could vote?
  7. In their attitude towards sex and the proper roles of men and women, what important social institution did the Victorian see themselves as defending?
  8. What was the effect of scientific advances on attitudes towards progress?
  9. Name three things that Victorian writers criticized in their society.
  10. What might Ruskin have meant by his characterization of smog as being “made of dead men souls”? Who are the dead men?
  11. How did the early Victorians resemble the romantics in their belief in the soul and their conception of the poet’s exalted role?
  12. How did late Victorian writers differ from the early Victorians in their view of the world?
  13. If writing that was critical to Victorian society did not make their readers change their lives, what purpose might the criticism have had?

Topics Term exam grade 9

Hi Ladies,


Here are the topics you should study for the term exam.

  • American Romanticism
  • Rip Van winkle
  • Conditionals


Check this video where unreal conditionals are explained and where some exercises can be done.