Punctuation exercise 11

Here’s the text we worked with to practice punctuation. Compare with the one I gave you and correct where needed. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Roberto is a famous singer. He started singing when he was 5 years old, and his parents decided to sign him up in a music school. When he was 15, he participated in a famous contest and won the first prize. Since then, he has been doing concerts all around the world.   He was born in Italy, but he has lived everywhere around the world.  He speaks English, French, German, Greek besides his native language, and he is now learning Croatian because he is going to launch his last album “Zaluđen” (Infatuated) in that country. His parents live in France since his father is French and as Roberto has become so famous, they preferred to move there. Roberto has no brothers or sisters, but Giancarlo, the guitarist of his band, also an only child, grew up so close that they consider each other’s brother.   Roberto has married twice and has two children both from his first marriage. He is now married to Antonella Zorzi the famous international model. They are planning to adopt since due to Antonella’s eating disorders, she is unable to have babies. Roberto had always wanted to have children and his dream came true with his first wife, Fleur Roux. Unfortunately, because of Roberto’s constant tours, they divorced two years ago. Roberto’s children Adrienne and Antoine live with their mother in the USA. It has been known that Antoine is following his father’s steps and he is playing in a band. Despite his multiple occupations, Roberto doesn’t forget about his children and takes them with him on tours in December and July.   Roberto recently told this magazine that when he turns fifty, he will retire. First, he will travel around the world. Then, he is going to open a music academy where he will prepare new talents. When he was young, many kids his age didn’t have the same opportunities he had. His parents had had faith in him, so he is going to have faith in others like him. By the time Roberto retires from his career, he will have sold about fifty million copies of his albums.

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