Tense and sentence identification 9B

Before you complete your task, remember that simple sentences have only one clause and that compound, complex and complex-compound sentences have two or more. You can decide to write compound and complex sentences as you wish.


Complex sentences

When JP explained the task, we had already finished it.

She wants to know how she played that game.

Carlos, who was very annoyed, couldn’t help yelling at them.

She would like to stay if she had the chance.


After we finished eating, he went home because he was in a hurry.

Frank will have stopped the car, by the time tell him what happened and we wont feel good.

Felipe saw Luisa at the party, so he couldn’t avoid feeling down when she was dancing with another guy.

ÁLVAREZ ARBOLEDA, MARÍA PAULA 2 clauses, 1 in past perfect, 1 in simple past.
AMADOR CUENCA, JULIANA 1 simple sentence, in simple present negative.
ARENAS BUSTOS, VALENTINA 1 simple sentence, present perfect progressive
BEDOYA MALAGÓN, ANA MARÍA 4 clauses, two in simple present, 1 in present perfect and 1 in simple past.
BURGOS PAVAJEAU, MARIANELLA 2 clauses, 1 in present perfect, another in present progressive.
CADAVID FORERO, VALENTINA 2 clauses, simple present, 1 in future perfect progressive.
CORREDOR JARAMILLO, SOFIA 2 clauses, 1 in present progressive and 1 in simple present.
ESPARZA INFANTE, VALENTINA ANDREA 3 clauses 1 in simple past, 1 in simple present and 1 in future.
HARB JARAMILLO, SOPHIA 3 clauses 1 simple past, 1 simple past negative, 1 in simple past.
HERNANDEZ CARDOZO, MELISSA ANDREA 3 clauses, 2 in simple present and 1 in simple past.
HERNANDEZ TORRES, INGRID VANESSA 2 clauses, each of them in future.
LIZCANO LÓPEZ, NATALIA 2 clauses, 1 in past perfect, 1 in future.
MARIN ARAGON, SOFIA 3 clauses, simple present, present progressive and future.
MIRANDA AREVALO, LAURA SOFIA 3 clauses simple past
MORALES NARVAEZ, ISABELLA 2 clauses simple past, present perfect.
MORENO DIAZ, ALEJANDRA 1 simple sentence in simple future.
MORENO ROMERO, MARIA JOSE 2 clauses, 1 in past perfect, 1 in simple past.
PARRA TORRES, MELISSA 1 simple sentence, in simple present negative.
RIVEROS SIERRA, LAURA GABRIELA 1 simple sentence, present perfect progressive
TRIANA BRIGANTE, VALENTINA 4 clauses, two in simple present, 1 in present perfect and 1 in simple past.

Tense and sentence identification 9A

Here’s the biography we worked in class. Find, copy and paste ONE sentence according to the characteristics required.


I was born in Yopal, Casanare in 1971. My parents moved to Bogotá in 1978 and we have lived here since then. I studied at Colegio Champagnat and then at Gimasio Granadino. I graduated in 1990. Since I was 15, I have liked languages very much. For that reason, I decided to study modern languages at university.

I got married in 1998 and in 1999, my daughter was born. Her name is Silvana. She studies at Gimnasio La Montaña and she likes English very much. We live in San José de Bavaria. My wife works at Gimnasio La Montaña where she has worked as a biology teacher for two years.

My wife is studying on Saturdays. She wants to be a bilingual teacher so she goes to university. She is studying Bilingual Education at Universidad El Bosque. She has been working very hard these days as she is in exams.

My wife and I had plans of living in the US when we got married. However, on September 11, 2001, I was working at Gimasio La Montaña and I got really scared because I thought the Third World War had started. Unfortunately, in the US, they got scared too and my dreams of living in that country were smashed.

When my wife and I grow old, we are going to buy a house in Santa Marta. We are going to spend the last years of our lives in that city. I hope my daughter marries a good man and has nice children. I think she will.

Student Sentence type and tense
CAMARGO GONZÁLEZ, DULCE ANA MARÍA Compound, simple present and simple present.
CURREA ALONSO, KATIA PATRICIA Complex, simple past and present perfect
FLOREZ ORREGO, JULIANA Complex and compound, past progressive, simple past, past perfect.
GAMA GUTIERREZ, VALENTINA  Complex, simple present, present perfect.
GOMEZ ACOSTA, MARIA JOSE  Simple sentence, simple past.
GUERRERO LEÓN, SARA JULIANA  Complex, simple present, simple future.
JIMENEZ MONSALVE, MARIA DE LA O  Simple, simple future.
LÓPEZ FARFÁN, LUISA DANIELA  Compound simple present, simple present
LÓPEZ PÉREZ, PAOLA ALEJANDRA  Simple, present perfect progressive.
NEIRA LOPEZ, MARIANA  Simple, present progressive.
PARADA GARCÍA, VALERIA  Simple, simple past
PLASCENCIA VILLABONA, DANIELA  Compound, simple past, present perfect.
RINCON BERNARD, VALENTINA  Simple, present progressive.
SALCEDO MARENTES, VALENTINA  Complex, simple past, simple past.
SALCEDO TORRES, MARIA CAMILA  Compound, simple past
SILVA ARIZA, ANA VALENTINA  Simple, simple present.
VARGAS SUÁREZ, MARÍA JOSÉ  Simple, simple present.

A definition of Satire

Satire is a technique employed by writers to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption of an individual or a society by using humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule. It intends to improve humanity by criticizing its follies and foibles. A writer in a satire uses fictional characters, which stand for real people, to expose and condemn their corruption.

A writer may point a satire toward a person, a country or even the entire world. Usually, a satire is a comical piece of writing which makes fun of an individual or a society to expose its stupidity and shortcomings. In addition, he hopes that those he criticizes will improve their characters by overcoming their weaknesses.

How to wrap a book!