Black Beauty questions chapters 31 to 40

Chapter 31

1. Why did Black Beauty call Alfred Smirk a humbug?

2. Why did Black have to go to the farrier? What did he do?

3. After being deceived by another groom, what does Mr. Barry decide to do?

Chapter 32

4. What did Black see in the fair?

5. How much was paid for Black?

Chapter 33

6. Who composed the family of the man who bought Black? Tell their names.

7. How is Black’s life now like the time he was with John Manly?

Chapter 34

8. How did Captain travel to Crimea? What was its original name?

9. What happened to Captain’s master? How did Captain know what had happened?

Chapter 35

10. Jerry didn’t like to rush Jack (Black) for a client in a hurry, but he did once. Why did Jerry make an exception that day?

11. What is the reward that Jerry got when he took this passenger to his destination? What was Jerry’s fellow cab driver’s reaction?

12. According to Governor Gray, who has good luck?

Chapter 36

13. What reasons does Jerry have to not accept to take Mrs. Briggs?

14. What is Jerry’s perception of religion?

Chapter 37

15. One Sunday, Jerry could not go church because he had to take a woman to see her dying mother. Why can we say that somehow he did attend the Sunday service? Give two details from the chapter to support your answer.

Chapter 38

16. What did Jerry normally eat in winter?

17. What does the man who defended the horses in this chapter say about people who do not defend others’ rights?

Chapter 39

18. Who was Seedy Sam and why did he die?

Chapter 40

19. Who does Black Beauty meet and what does he learn about this horse?

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