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Here’s a nice link to activities with the vocabulary of the text “Annie”.


Black Beauty questions chapters 21 to 30

Chapter 21

  1. As the mistress gets very ill, the family needs to leave to a warmer place. What happened to the horses?
  1. Under what conditions was Merrylegs given to the Vicar?
  1. What does John want to do now that he has no job?

Chapter 22

  1. “Tit for tat” means to give in return. Who says this and when? What is he talking about?

Chapter 23

  1. After Ginger kicks and hurts Mr. York, she is never used for the carriage. What was she used for then?
  1. Black Beauty had to keep using the check rein and was put to work with another horse, Max. What did Max tell Black about the reins?

Chapter 24

  1. Why did Black Beauty run so fast to help Lady Anne? What evidence from the text helps you know that?

Chapter 25

  1. Who was Reuben Smith and why was he fired and then rehired?
  1. How did Reuben die and how did this affect Black Beauty?

Chapter 26

  1. What was Black’s condition and how was he treated?

Chapter 27

  1. Who does Black see while he was recovering from his wounds and why did this character come there?
  1. What does the earl decide to do with Black as he got so hurt?
  1. What is a livery?

Chapter 28

  1. What kind of drivers did Black have to take?
  1. What happened once he was driven by an inexperienced driver?

Chapter 29

  1. Why and to whom were Rory and Peggy sold?
  1. Why was Black sold to Mr. Barry and was the horse happy of being sold?

Chapter 30

  1. Why was Mr. Filcher sent to prison?
  1. How did Black’s owner discover Mr. Filcher was guilty?