Imaginary person biography (instructions)

Look up for Winston’s Groom and Robert Zemeckis the writer of the book on which Forrest Gump was based and the director of the movie. Answer the question:

Where did they get the ideas to write the book and the movie?


You will write ideas for a person you will create and about whom you will write a biography. You can use the sample biography that can be found in English Portales Blog and other sources.


In a shared Google doc, you have to jot down the place(s) and time(s) where your imaginary person will be. You also have to list the real people in history you will encounter and how your character influenced or simply met. Forrest takes an active role in some of the historical events that occur during his life; in others he merely observes or is even passed by as the event unfolds. Some events change Forrest’s life profoundly; others have little or no effect. Some people change Forrest’s life; others are changed by him. You should make your imaginary person like Forrest.


The name of the shared doc has to be Biography (your name).


Term Exam Topics

The main topic is Forrest Gump. It is a good idea to see the movie again.

Obviously, grammar.

1. Sentence types, dependent and independent clauses, connectors and simple sentences. No relative pronouns (this time) watch the video again.

2. Gerunds and infinitives.

Check this exercises.



Gerunds and infinitives exercises

Click on the underlined text to download the exercises we did in class.

gerunds and infinitives


.would like*
* also without object


.can(‘t) afford
.can(‘t) wait
.mean (intend)
.would like


Below you will find a sample biography similar to what you are expected to do.


Organize your ideas before writing and have the outline ready for the day of the exam.

Forrest Gump Biography

Forrest is a naïve and kind guy who owns a fortune and lives in an old house in Greenbow, Alabama. He has a son and is the widower of Jenny, who died in 1982.

He grew up in Greenbow, but traveled to many places and met lots of people. When he was a young man, he used to wear leg braces because he had an orthopedic problem. Due to this, he would walk awkwardly. Once, in his mother’s house, where people used to stay (this was his mother’s living) he was dancing to the music of a young man playing the guitar. A few months later, Forrest and his mother watched Elvis Presley (the young man playing) on TV. “The King” was dancing the same way Forrest did evidently imitating Forrest’s style.

When Forrest went to school for the first time, he met Jenny the only true friend he ever had. They grew up and years later he realized he was in love with her. Unfortunately, Jenny’s feelings were not the same; she loved him, but rather as a brother. She actually helped him at school and once, when some bullies from school wanted to beat him, she encouraged him to run.

Sometime later, Forrest discovered that he could run faster than the wind and because of this, he won a scholarship to go to college. There, he actually appeared on TV the same day the University of Alabama was desegregated and the first two black students were accepted. In fact, when Vivian Malone, the first black woman to enter a white university, was walking into the university campus, she dropped a book which Forrest picked. Once again, Forrest appeared on TV in the White House where he met President Kennedy when was invited as part of the All American Team.

After university, Forrest was enlisted in the army and was sent to Vietnam. He met Bubba, a black guy with whom he had a strong friendship. When they were patrolling in the jungles of Vietnam, they were attacked by the Vietcong. Forrest ran and saved his life, but didn’t want to let his friend, so he returned and saved all the platoon’s lives. He was wounded while he was saving his partners and had to stay in a hospital. Forrest discovered an uncanny ability for ping-pong while in recovery for the bullet wound in his buttocks. He started playing for the U.S. Army team, gaining popularity and rising to celebrity status. He eventually played competitively against Chinese teams and won against the Chinese. In fact, he appeared on television in The Dick Cavett’s show next to John Lennon and talked about his experience in China; this way, he inspired Lennon to write his song “Imagine”. At an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., Forrest reunited with Jenny, who was living a hippie counterculture lifestyle while Forrest was away, and became engaged with another man.

Upon leaving military service and returning home, Forrest endorsed a company that maked ping-pong paddles for a fee of $25,000. He used the money to buy a shrimping boat and fulfill his wartime promise to Bubba. His commanding officer from Vietnam, Lieutenant Dan Taylor, joined him as first mate as a joking promise he made to Forrest. Initially, Forrest had little success, but after finding his is the only surviving boat in the area after Hurricane Carmen hits the Gulf states, he began to pull in huge amounts of shrimp. He bought an entire fleet of shrimp boats, and “Bubba-Gump” shrimp becomes a household name. He returned home when his mother fell ill; she died soon after. Lt. Dan takes over operations of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and invested the earnings in Apple Computer. That is why Forrest, Dan and Bubba’s families are financially secure for the rest of their lives.

One day, Jenny returned to visit Forrest, and after some time he proposed marriage to her. She declined, though felt obliged to prove her love to him by sleeping with him. She left early the next morning. On a whim, Forrest elected to go for a run. Seemingly capriciously, he decided to keep running across the country several times, over some three and a half years, becoming famous again. While he was running along the country, some people joined him and others ran along him to ask for inspiration. One of them was a man who was in the bumper sticker business and asked Forrest for a good idea to put on a sticker; in that precise moment, Forrest walked over a big pile of excrement, and when the man told Forrest he had done so, Forrest said it happens; the man asked what happened, so he concluded the slogan would be “Shit happens”. Sometime later, another man came to ask for a good idea to print on a T-shirt. Just in that moment, a truck splashed mud on Forrest’s face and the man in the t-shirt business lent a yellow t-shirt which Forrest used to wipe his face. When he returned the T-shirt, the man saw a “Smiley” printed giving him inspiration to create the famous icon.

In 1981, Forrest received a letter from Jenny who, having seen him run on television, asked him to visit her. Once he is reunited with Jenny, Forrest discovered she had a young son, also named Forrest, of whom Forrest is said to be the father. Jenny told Forrest she is suffering from an unknown virus which has no known cure, and that she would soon die of. Together the three moved back to Greenbow, Alabama where Jenny and Forrest finally married. Jenny died soon afterward, leaving their son in Forrest’s care.


Adapted from Wikipedia.