Irony in videos 9B

Hi grade 9B girls,


As we have studied ironic humor, you are going to look for videos where irony can be perceived. Similarly, to what has been done in class, you will look for a video that contains this kind of irony and analyze it to see how it is portrayed.


Your analysis will be a comment on the blog with the link to the video and your own analysis. This analysis must be a 50-word-long text and be based on one ironic use of humor. That is, you must identify ONE SENTENCE or SITUATION where irony is depicted and explain clearly why you consider it is ironic. You must also tell the exact time where the ironic sentence or situation is found by telling their minutes and seconds.


After you comment, each of you has to comment to two of your classmates. You must provide feedback on your classmates’ analysis, if you agree or disagree, if there are language use mistakes, and any other aspects you wish to mention.


An example is provided below:


Video link.


In the video, Fry goes to a bank and wants to withdraw some money from his account. He had $1.93 but since he had slept for a thousand years, the interests he earns for that time profits 4.5 billion dollars making him very rich. He begins spending the money now that he is a billionaire.


At 1:25 in the video, Fry, Lila and Bender, pay for The Mona Lisa’s picture, apparently to hang it somewhere in his house we can suppose as the audience. But then, the person who sells the painting, places it on catapult and throws the painting very high. Then, Lila, Fry and Bender shoot the painting with laser guns as one does with plastic birds in shooting practice.


The irony here is that Fry is so rich that he can pay for a very expensive painting, not to mention it is perhaps invaluable as it is nowadays, can you tell what it would be in a thousand years?