After having read pages 289 to 296, answer these questions.

1. Why do some people believe that Shakespeare didn’t exist? Are they right?

2. What was Jonsosn’s prophecy?

3. If Shakespeare hadn’t been a playwright, what could he have been?

4. How many children did Shakespeare have? What happened to them?

5. How could Shakespeare have been inspired to write?

6. Who criticized Shakespeare’s writings? How was he redeemed?

7. Which two actors were Shakespeare’s companions?

8. What were the two early poems Shakespeare wrote and to whom were they dedicated?

9. Name Shakespeare’s earliest plays and their corresponding dates.

10.      How did Shakespeare become “gentlefolk”?

11. What is Shakespeare’s most controversial tragedy?

12. In 1603, the plague was rampant and theaters were closed. How did Shakespeare keep on working?

13. What benefits did Shakespeare get when King James took his company under his patronage?

14. What do some critics believe Shakespeare was influenced by when he wrote his famous tragedies? What could have been the real reason for their bitterness?

15. To whom did Shakespeare pay tribute in Henry VIII and why was this tribute delayed according to some scholars?

16. Why is it trying to identify Shakespeare as a man like looking at a mirror in dim light? What does the metaphor mean?

17. Why were there so few female characters on Shakespeare’s plays, especially old ones?

18. Why can we say that Shakespeare was a complete man of the theater?

19. Why weren’t Shakespeare’s plays not easily printed and sold to the public?

20. What do modern scholars do with the the plays in the quarto and in the folio?


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