Research project grade 9

Hi grade 9 girls,

Here are the instructions for the research project.

Look for information about a person who was kidnapped and then released. This person may be Colombian or of any other nationality.

You will imagine this person kept a journal of their captivity and will write one of this person’s journal entry; that is, a text about one day in their captivity. It will be aproximately 500 words long and it will be done in class, NOT at home.

This is called historical fiction; thus, what you write has to be based on actual facts of this person’s captivity. It must include an allusion from a movie, a book, person or any other cultural or historical expression.

It will be written by hand, or typed, being laptops or other text processing devices (Ipad, tablets) available.

Take notes on the information you gather and plan the ideas you will include in your text. IMPORTANT only your notes can be used while writing your text; highlighted printed material won’t be accepted. Teacher will check you only use your notes and no more.

This text is a formal test and using dictionaries or talking to peers is not allowed. You will have a two-period class for this task.

In the same week you write your text, the oral presentation of the project will be done; you will play the role of the person you researched about. The audience will play the role of journalists in a press coference and will ask questions as if you had just been freed and were talking to the media about your experience. You are welcome to use costumes and props for this activity. Let your imagination fly!


Hi dear grade 9 girls,

Here are some videos that explain how PAST TENSES work. See them all. Then, do the exercises below.






Dear grade 10 students,


Here is the time table for “1984”



I & II TERM(2013- 2014)

10th GRADE









George Orwell


Revision date

First Part

  • Chapters I to V


September 27th

First Part

  • Chapters VI to VIII


October 15th
Second Part

  • Chapters I to V


October 28th
Second Part

  • Chapters VI to X


November 12th
Third Part

  • Chapters I to VII


November 25th

Revisions will include:


-Cumulative reading comprehension formal tests

-Round tables and debates

-Workshops and discussion of complementary essays and articles